Terus Memperbaiki Alur Donasi yang Mudah bagi Masyarakat


Bandung, Indonesia




Insan Bumi Mandiri

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Ada Ide provides a user-friendly digital platform and ads optimization that supports us to achieve our target in Pesantren Quran Taqwa. We are beyond grareful to continue connect our ideas with them.
Dindin Adriyana
Pesantren Quran Taqwa
It's such a pleasing experience doing this improvement for web and donation system development with Ada Ide. We are able to collaborate on so many great ideas and we can achieve them together.
Zulfa Faizah
Insan Bumi Mandiri
I’ve had the pleasure to work with Ada Ide Indonesia on the improvement of our crowdfunding site. Their flexibility to communicate with in our team made it a delight to work with. Thank you Ada Ide for helping us realize our crowdfunding ideas.
Jefry Sasmita
Bantu Tetangga
We loved working with Ada Ide Indonesia and appreciate all their contributions to Ruang Talenta. If anyone want to start develop your great ideas, don’t hesitate to start contact them and consult.
Silmina Fauziyah
Ruang Talenta

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